1953 Split Window VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

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This sweet 53 Beetle is one of the very rare "Zwitter" model cars that
were the last of the split rear window cars and the first of the oval window style dash.
Built for just  a short period of time between October of 1952 and March of 1953.
After March that iconic split window was gone forever.

There are a lot of unique attributes to the Zwitter model that make them stand out from the other splits.
These cars were the first to have the smooth body trim rather than the grooved, the first to have 15"
wheels, the first for the vent wings in the front doors and the first for the chrome trim around all the window seals.

This car looks like a very clean restoration, nice and straight and shows quite well

I love the personalized plate...just perfect!
The Zwitter cars were the first to receive the smooth bumper blades and these short guards.
The fantastic "heart" taillights were also first introduced on these cars.

The Zwitter car still had the 25 horsepower engine of the earlier cars
but small details and progressive refinements came in to play now and then.

I have not checked the engine number on this car to establish production date.
I do see the round regulator and flat top distributor as well as the early style oil filler.

These cars still kept the single tip exhaust and apron with no cut outs.

Engine looks wonderfully clean underneath as does the trans.

Bumper mount area in this shot is just visible and looks solid

Looks quite good under here...certainly not a concours level resto
but still clean and solid which is the most important thing.

Floor pans look fantastic

Front end shot


The Zwitter was the first of the Beetles to receive the oval shaped horn grilles
as well as a chrome hood handle (earlier were aluminum)

US spec headlights with sealed beam bulbs

Wolfsburg Crest

Semaphore turn signals

The Heart taillights!

The Zwitter was also the first to get the re-designed license plate light.

The chrome trim around the rear windows is also new for the Zwitter

The interior looks very nice on this car with the proper seats and materials.

The Oval style dashboard  was all new in these cars and there are small differences that
make it a bit different than later years. Note that there is no chrome ring around the ashtray...no handle either.

The vent wing windows in the doors were a welcome change as well...ventilation was greatly improved.

Seats look nice

Proper luggage rails in the back

Some age to the headliner...this mohair material being natural ,
always seems to show its age....a part of the appeal perhaps.

Floors look very solid in this car

The speedometer is the correct zwitter onlu unit with the two very small seperate arrows
at the bottom rather than the larger one on later cars.
The starter button is also correct for these cars.
The fuel gauge is a period accessory and is quite rare.

The bat-wing steering wheel is also a very cool detail and I like the flower vase as well.

Looks like the good carpets are here.
Fuel reserve lever

In closing this is a nice car inside and out.
Perhaps not over the top perfect, but clean and presentable
and certainly a crowd pleaser at the shows and on the road.

$29,750 obo

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