1956 Right Hand Drive 23 Window Samba For Sale!

Get your drool towels ready...we dont want wet keyboards now do we?
This is a stellar Bus and the rarity factor is VERY high.
This is a 1956 model 23 window Euro model Bus, with semaphores and extremely uncommon
right hand drive steering and of coure...with the cargo doors on the left.

This Southern California based Bus has been displayed at several shows in the area including being on the showroom floor
of a local VW dealership for a period.
It is a very very clean example from top to bottom and always draws a crowd.

Left the factory in June of 56, destined for Morocco!
How it made it here to sunny California I have no clue...but here it is in all its glory!

This is the "wow" shot in my book... semaphores and right hand drive in chestnut brown over sealing wax red.
What a combo!

Interior is beautiful as is the rest of the Bus.

The cargo doors on the left side of the Bus is a bit of a mind bender but this was the
standard for the right hand drive Busses.

This is a full 9 passenger seat layout with full width bench seats front center and rear.

The center seat is a four leg version that is very clean and solid.
In April or so of 56 the "six leg" version stopped

Another seat frame detail

Dash is excellent and that right hand steering and view out the safari windows is the best seat
at the VW show for sure!

Dash clock

Fantastic Blaupunkt radio

Speedo in Kilometers is nicely restored.

Golde sunroof handle detail

The interior panels are done cleanly with stitched pleats and the chrome trim.
Nice early grab handle.

Headliner is very clean.
Check out the sun visors as well.

Domelight detail

Chrome emblem is standard for the Deluxe models and it looks fantastic against the deep chestnut brown
over sealing wax red paint combo.
The polished body trim with color matched rubber instert is gorgeous!

Round head mirrors

Long spoon pop out window latches.

Jail bars and luggage rail in place.

Underside of the Bus is fully detailed and stellar as well.

More interior details

Folding coat hooks

I have always loved the view out of those corner windows!

Correct trim vents in place.

Those long spoons really kick the wndows out wide!
Pop all these open along with the safaris and you are ready for the wind tunnel!
Put on your goggles!

Ashtray present on the back of the center seat.

All that glass...gotta love it!

Church key opens the gas door and engine lid.
Hand crank for the engine included as well.

The pressed bumpers and long trim is just so pretty.
The wide whites, mud flaps and big logo hubcaps all add some flash.

Engine room is super clean and well detailed.

Still 6 volt electrics and 36 hp.

Really nice and clean and with all the proper parts in place.
Note the hole in the apron for the crank start and the little flp on the rear tin that flips up for access.

Of course it has an electric starter as well...but there is something very fun about cranking one of these alive by hand.

Taillight detail

Trailer hitch and exhaust trim are cool

The hitch is awesome...a great period accessory and it allows the matching little cargo trailer
to slip right on for the ride. (pics of the trailer in just a bit)

Plug for the lights.

Here is the super cute matching trailer that comes with it!

Body tag

That trailer is COOL!!

In closing this is a very rare and beautiful Bus.
I cant imagine total production of the right hand drive Deluxes in 56 was very high.
If anyone knows the numbers I would love to hear them.
I can count the total I have seen in 30+ years of being in the scene on one hand for sure.
Awesome ride and a rare opportunity to grab it.

$155,000 obo

For More Info...CALL
951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net