"Bad Temper II" Legendary LA Show Car For Sale

The Cal Look scene is something that has spread completely across the globe and cars that
look identical to the custom Beetles of Orange County in the 70's, now drive the roadways of
everywhere from Tokyo to Paris and everywhere in between.
As the scene progressed in the early days it also changed.
By the time the 80's rolled around, there were a lot of mild differences in "the look".

All across California there were custom VWs but in Los Angeles there was a trend that grew massive
with the naming of the car and logos on the paintwork. 
These "logo cars" were everywhere at the myriad of So Cal events and the look resonated
with all who were a part of the scene at the time.
I was there...and it was incredible.
Vibrant colors, lots of flash and detail and some serious performance behind it all.

These period photos show a pair of Beetles that truly made a statement.
If one car was awesome, two cars would blow minds
and the Bad Temper cars did just that.

Not only did the Bad Temper Team drop jaws at the shows,
they were known to be seriously fast street machines.
With quarter mile times in the mid 10's,
you did not want to be on the receiving end when the Temper flared and unleashed its rage.

The Temper cars were well known in So Cal and throughout the mid 80's rolled the streets
of Hollywood and LA and were at all the big events.