1953 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

In October of 1952 there were changes being made to the beloved Beetle.
The war was over, the Beetle was in full production and demand was strong.
The original 1938 design however was looking a little dated and VW decided to make some
improvements to help the car shine in the sea of other cars on the market.

During the period between October of 52 and March of 53, the Beetles that rolled off the assembly line
carried an interesting blend of the new and old design elements.  It was a short period of time
that these "zwitter" models were produced and as a result there are pretty small number of them remaining in the world today.

The zwitter represents the last of the split rear window design, and the first for many of the attributes that
were to become a big part of the "Oval era" up to 1957.

The most obvious exterior details are the 15" wheels and the "newer" fatter bumpers.
There are several other details though that don't jump out at first.

The taillights changed to the "heart" design with the heart shaped brake light lens in the housing.
The license plate light shape changed from the earlier "Popes Nose" of the split to a shape that would carry on
in similar form all the way to 1963.  Body trim design changed as well to a slightly fatter and smoother profile
that would remain in use all the way to 1966.

After the final "zwitter" rolled off the line, the split rear window went to the Oval and as time progressed grew in size
along with the production numbers of our beloved Beetle