VW Type 82 E Beetle Replica

This is a really fun one!
Arizona based custom Beetle by a skilled metal worker and VW nut
built as a usable replica of the WW2 era "Type 82 E" Beetle
that was a blend of Beetle and Kubelwagen for use in rough terrain.

While this is not an exact replica by any means, it is pretty close and certainly captures the spirit.
Its close enough for us in military reenactments or just as a fun play toy for road or trail.

The body started out as a 1956 Oval with the spit rear window added
carefully in steel. The W decklid and early style lighting  look great.

Rides tall and proud and is very clean and well done.

Lots of fantastic details on this car as you get in and look closely.
The more you look, the more you see. It truly is a labor of love build.