1967 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible For Sale

My job of creating listings for these old VWs is a fun one but it can be a bit tedious at times
to work with a marginal car or poor quality photos and to try to show the car in its best light.
When something like this comes across my desk, it is always a joy.
A spectacular car, fantastic photos that truly speak for themselves
and really all I need to do is share them all with the world so they can drool on their keyboards.

This drool inspiring Ghia comes to us from Oregon and it is absolutely up at the
top of the list when it comes to the best 67 Ghia Convertible we have ever posted.

A stunning restoration of an exceptional original car, done by a restorer that
is extremely knowledgeable and focuses only on Ghias, the best year, best colors and the best of everything done to it.

The car started out pre-restoration as a very unmolested original car and the restorer kept as many of the original parts and details
as they could to pay tribute to its past as well as make it as nice as possible to last well into the future.
The car has never had a radio installed and the woodgrain on the dash is the original stuff...even the dealer applied instruction stickers remain.