1967 VW Beetle Convertible For Sale

This is the very best example of a restored US spec 1967 Beetle convertible that I have ever seen.
The car is absolutely spectacular and the level and depth of the restoration is mind boggling.
The restorer of this car went in deep...real deep. The whole goal being to make it as accurate and perfect as possible
using all the correct original German parts from end to end. The more I looked at this car the more I became
damn near speechless about it...I tried to look for something wrong and just couldn't find it.

This beautiful 67 Beetle has come through the website once before
and it sold quickly for a record price and now it is returning for another pass.
The car is now located in Southern California , has remained in the same impeccable condition
and only a handful of miles added to the odometer since.

The photos above show it in front of the current owners home in California
and the photos below show the car in Arizona when I photographed it personally just a couple years back.

The color is one of the very best of the era...Java Green and it just looks like a jewel sitting there in the sunlight.

Located in Arizona at the time of these images, the car has now returned to Southern California where it was restored a number of years ago
and I remember when it was first completed and displayed at an event out here.
It just blew everyone away. The car looks as amazing now as it did when I first saw it.
It has traveled very minimal miles since completion, it is truly better than new.
It is a fully sorted car, runs and drives fantastic...turn key, ready to go
(or to show)

The restoration quality is unsurpassed...the fit and finish, the smoothness of the paint, etc...this is as good as it gets.

The car is stellar and all stock, numbers matching, etc.
If there is a part on this car, it is correct to the car and the period with the only exception
being the radial tires...however the width of the whitewall is period correct.

Look at that reflection!
Like an absolute mirror.

Details such as the wipers...its the right stuff.


Top is superb and correct.
Matching top boot as well.

Wheels are the proper 1966-67 slotted wide 5 rims with the flat caps and they are powder coated and painted
in the proper color combination.

Glass and rubber is all superb and everything fits and functions so nicely.
Rolling the windows up and down is a pleasure (that perhaps I got into just a wee too much...but damn it fent nice!)

So clean!

The car is fitted with a few trim accessories such as the finger guards under the handles, the door edge guards and gravel guards.
These are all NOS German original examples...not aftermarket reproductions and the quality is evident.

Headlight rings are the genuine original 67 Hella items with the SB 12 markings

Gravel guards are the genuine VW items...compare these to the cheesy reproductions out there...a totally different breed.

Chrome is excellent...heck...everything is excellent!

Rear bumper is the proper 67 only German item

Fit and finish of all body panels is perfect.

Euro style amber topped lenses are original NOS German parts.

Karmann body badge in place as are the little plastic hinge caps


Again on the rear gravel guards...original German parts.

Passenger side horn grille has the correct black block off plate in place.
Note the fit of the bumper brackets and overriders through the rubber seals...all flush and perfect.

The car is truly better than new

Details in all the deep corners are spot on...check out the original wiring connectors and the proper off white wiring covering.

The interior is spectacular as well...but more on that later.

Washer bottle is in fantastic shape and the correct original tire pressure tag is here as well as the filler hose.

The numbers matching facory 1500cc engine is perfection and correct down to the original German hose clamps
and everything...it is spectacular and runs superb.

OK...Im going to say that the spring should have been painted body color, not galvanized...anyone care to
dispute that?  Regardless this is a nice touch.

Dust cover on the hood latch...when is the last time you saw one of these?

Wow...just wow.

Body tag

Jack has been fully restored

Heres the sort of detail that I just go nuts seeing...the correct insulation material under the heat riser tins...
Go out there and check in the scene...how often is this not done? 99% of the time perhaps?

Original correct 67 H case.
I believe this to be the original engine for the car but the current owner has not sent in to the factory for verification

The details are everwhere...chck out the correct KAMAX hardware used everywhere!

Hose clamps are correct German originals.

Paint detail is spectacular even in the deep corners.

Hardware plugs are the origina German parts with the VW logo and part number

Again...Kamax bolts...

Interior is fantastic as well

Headliner s the correct pin point vinyl

Even the 67 only retractable seat belts are here and in absolutely amazing condition...these very rarely look this nice!

Matching spare wheel and tire

Door panels look fantastic

Dash and steering wheel are flawless

German square weave carpets

so nice

Paint code tag

Original radio and cigarette lighter

Accessory glove box pull tab

Details details..

Seats are superb.

Original Bambus parcel tray

Just turned over 40 miles on the odometer

Correct rubber mats and pedal pads.

Controls are all spotless

Top operates very smoothly and the frame is fully restored and detailed.

All the correct 67 only handles and knobs

Fuse box cover

Glove box organizer

Top down it is even more fanastic

Or top up!

Original German Huf keys...but NOS ones that show no wear or aging.

Top frame details...everywhere you look this car is amazing

Top boot


Check out that reflection and the door gaps...perfect

Underneath it is amazing as well...everything done and all of it correct and original equipment
detailed to a spectacular level...the original German hardware is all crisp and perfect with no rounded edges or flaws
It is just nuts...totally nuts.

Factory clip to hold the wiring...correct off white sheathing for the wires...and on and on and on...

Mudflaps are NOS original accessories, not the aftermarket ones.

This is how you tell the difference (plus the texture of the rubber is different)

Front shocks have the plastic dust covers on them as original.

Rear shocks are painted the correct rusty red color...  this guy really went all out.

Amazing workmanship

The horn is a perfect original German unit...

Reverse lights too...


Chassis is superb

Accessory tail pipe trim


In closing this truly is as good as it gets.
Spectacular car for the most finicky and particular owner.
If you want the absolute very best, no compromises example of a 67 Convertible...this is your baby.

$62,496 obo

For More Info...CALL
951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net