1967 VW Westfalia Camper

If you have been a viewer of the website here for any length of time
you will know that I love a car with a good story.
This original "survivor" Westy definitely has my attention in that regard!

Currently located in the state of Florida, the history of this one is known and documented back to day one!

Its a great story of a family adventure to Europe and continued voyages through its whole life.
This simple humble home on wheels has seen an amazing array of landscapes both in Europe and here in the US.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole of the story and travels of this cool camper
one of the previous owners put together a web page that has some great historic pics and info on
their ownership as well as the travel stories of the first owner as well.
Its well worth a look!

Now that you are back from the history of the Bus lets check it out in its current state.
Its located in Florida and the current owner has had his fun with it and is ready to send it off to a new home.

Being in the humid climate of Florida there is a bit more surface rust that is starting to show on the original finis
but it has been kept out of the weather and a skilled detailer could certainly buff the majority of it back pretty easily.

It shows well and has a great vibe to it.
Restored campers are never as soulful as an original for some reason
be it the patina, the smell, or just that feeling of history.

The interior in this one is unrestored and fantastic.

Nice to see the correct Westfalia plaid curtains and flooring,
original upholstery in back and cabinetry as well.